“His vision, both visual and kinesthetic; ceremonial and urban captures the spirit of our evolving world, and arms us all modern individuals with strength and power… so we can experience purity, so we can find clarity, so we can celebrate our most authentic self, together as ONE.”


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Along my path I meet many people and organisations and always seeking a way to empower each other. We share resources, knowledge and experience to accomplish a common goal. Together we form a global network of pioneers, speakers, researchers, healers and media.


Currently based in: Groningen, the Netherlands

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qi-yo multiversal yoga

Qi-Yo is a multiversal approach that integrates yoga, Gi-Gong, Tai-chi, shamanic Balinese healing and other holistic modalities to unleash personal transformation and foster creative expression. Being versed in different wisdom traditions, every soul gets empowered to set free from imposed societal norms and limitations and live up to one’s highest potential. 




Earthkeepers is nature’s hallmark for humans living true to their nature, where being benefactors of the earth comes naturally. Earthkeepers is a legacy of creative innovators and a corporation of initiated leaders, working together in the most invigorating way.




Holistic medicine in the age of Aquarius. For Pieter to work in a holistic way, he will always see what fits you best and if necessary combine treatments or refer you to a specialized partner in his vast network of healers and therapists.



Design Bear

Branding, Marketing strategy & design with Soul. Together we discover your destination, and translate this into a personal Brand. Guiding you is the key for me. During the design process we together therefore ensure a harmonization between the inside and outside world. I keep an eye on effectiveness and quality.



earth matters

Earth Matter is a Dutch media platform that shares relevant information and organizes events to foster self education and sustainable living. Therefore they give voice to people and organizations that examine their own actions and those of others, expose coruption and provide solutions.



Elisa namaste 

Elisa is a public speaker, healer and clairvoyant. She does'nt get her information from newspapers, books, television or the internet. All information comes directly from within. She perceives energies in colors and vibrations and can translate this into words. Elisa feels strongly connected to pyramids, temples and sacred sites. She often travels to Visoko (Bosnia) and Gizeh (Egypt) to make videos and gatherings.