“Our mission is to build and strengthen a broad-based global tribe to identify, inspire and implement new approaches to global well-being.”


Along the path we meet many people and organisations and always seeking a way to empower each other. With Eleven Monkeys we support a movement of seekers, artists, visionaries, scholars, teachers and entrepreneurs that are creating new paths for a new paradigm on Earth. Implementing other ways of thinking and methods that offer solutions for local and global challenges. We share resources, knowledge and experience to accomplish a common goal.

With the liberty to play, educate, and exchange ideas and visions we are creating a tribe, where we extend a bridge to all cultures, all traditions, all races and ethnicities – celebrating unity in diversity on all levels and within our cells. The journey is our world – within and without. The destination is ourself.


Become part of the tribe.

Exploring new approaches to global well-being.



qi-yo multiversal yoga

A Multiversity on Wheels that offers teacher trainings, workshops, educational and inspiring trips across the globe. Qi-Yo is a Multiversal approach that integrates Yoga, Gi-Gong, Martial Arts, shamanic Balinese healing modalities to unleash personal transformation and foster creative expression.




Earthkeepers is nature’s hallmark for humans living true to their nature, where being benefactors of the earth comes naturally. Earthkeepers is a legacy of creative innovators and a corporation of initiated leaders, working together in the most invigorating way.



Communitygarden Hurdegaryp

A garden where fruits and vegetables are grown in a natural way for the local market to improve well-being, health, environment and the community.



Enlightened Consciousness

It is our team's goal to consistently provide you with positive, uplifting, inspirational and entertaining content. Life is about the journey, let us make the most of it! Be the change you wish to see in the world!




The Tribepreneurs are creating space for entrepreneurial growth through action and a strong support system. A tribe of like-minded business owners who challenge each other to grow.




Holistic medicine in the age of Aquarius. For Pieter to work in a holistic way, he will always see what fits you best and if necessary combine treatments or refer you to a specialized partner in his vast network of healers and therapists.



Design Bear

Branding, Marketing strategy & design with Soul. Together we discover your destination, and translate this into a personal Brand. Guiding you is the key for me.



earth matters

Earth Matter is a Dutch media platform that shares relevant information and organizes events to foster self education and sustainable living. 



Elisa namaste 

Elisa is a public speaker, healer and clairvoyant. She does'nt get her information from newspapers, books, television or the internet. All information comes directly from within.


logo zonder blad 2018.jpg


More and more people are obese, getting diabetes type 2 or other chronic ailments. Nutrition often plays an important role. The mission of TheNewFood is to motivate people and help them eat differently to become healthy again.



Inspiratie van Roos

Roos likes to inspire people with images and words to find and maintain their inner freedom to live in love and light.




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