I explored the world, both inner and outer, and like share what I have learned to inspire others. Portraying a sense of community and connectivity through video and photography is my contribution to the world. Our world is evolving in rapid speed and that fascinates me. I see a future that is harmonious and abundant in which everyone can thrive. To achieve this, I believe that humanity needs to come together on basis of mutual interest and agreement where well-being is the measurement of success.

Together with you, and others, we can achieve this goal. Trough my services I can help you reach out to the world, to connect and inspire others with your unique gift.


“I like to play with illusions and see the beauty of truth.”



A story to tell? I help you to create videos in a cinematic way whether it's for promotion, training or storytelling purposes for your website, business or social media platform. With my equipment I’m able to travel, to be in the field or in remote locations to catch that moment.


A moment to share? The art of photography comes with the ability to be there without interference. The authenticity of the moment only happens ones and thats where the magic happens.


A talent or business? If you are enthusiastic you want to share it. In Squarespace I help you to design a website to your taste. If necessary, supported with photos and videos that will enrich your page.

*prices are per project.