“I learn through travel and interaction with the world around me. I play with illusion and like to see the beauty of truth.”

Photography and Videos by Eleven Monkeys. Content for demo purposes only.


Latest video

The serpents of Wisdom

Opening ceremony Psy-Fi 2018 | A shamanic experience

This film covers the opening ceremony on Psy-Fi 2018 presented by Earth awareness and five wisdom keepers from different corners of the world. An old native tradition on a modern day dance festival. A call to remember our own native roots, our connection with our ancestors and to create our own ceremonies once again.


“Shared creativity is a cradle of innovation, and inspiration that is infectious and mutually transformative.”

Latest event - Qi-Yo retreat, Conghua, China


“Johan brings in the Eleven Monkeys to shake us out of our comfort zones, to invite us to play, to explore and discover.”


Johan, a self-taught film maker, producer, and creative director of the Qi-Yo Multiversity is a curious, joyful and dedicated seeker who captures the story of human consciousness while filming, traveling and teaching around the world. The focus of his work is on portraying a sense of community and connectivity.